My Story

The short version:
I am a 40-something mom, wife and lover, in an open marriage with my wonderful husband of 15+ years, Mr. Man. I'm a scatterbrain, a dreamer, lover of books, chocolate, tattoos and funky hairdos.

The longer version:
Mr. Man and I have been married for over 15 years. Gulp. We've grown together, had a child together, bought a house together, traveled together, done all the things you do with someone you love and have been with for years. Except have sex with other people. Until we did.

We've always been fairly adventurous in the bedroom, not afraid of some kinky stuff, trying new things. It's evolved over the years until one day the subject came up about playing with others. I mean, lets face it, as much as you love someone, you sometimes fall into a routine and things can get stale. We decided to put the open marriage thing on the table and let it be an option if we found the right people to test the waters with.

And we did, quite soon after that conversation. We've each played separately and together with a few couples, as well as singles. It has been superb, for the most part, with a few bumps along the way that I like to think of as learning experiences. As far as rules go...practice safe sex, no STDs, be safe at all times, be discreet, and have fun.

Jealousy? Nope. Instead, it's hot, erotic and has really spiced things up. The key...constant communication and we're not looking to replace each other and don't want drama. We just want to kick things up a few levels and see where it takes us. And so far, it's taking us to very sexy places.

We'll continue this journey and hope to learn from other bloggers and share our experiences as well. Its a fun ride so far, that's for sure.