Thursday, August 21, 2014

navigating connections

That first sentence especially speaks to me.

I've discovered over the past couple of years that I easily connect on an emotional level with different types of people. This is both a blessing and a curse I think. I have this wordy emo post in my mind about how past relationships have made me more cynical and have brought me to where I am today in the open marriage thing. Meaning, that I'm now trying to bring it back to being less about deep feelings and more about friendship and fun and no drama.

But then the Universe laughs and slaps you in the face and you again meet someone who deeply resonates with you. Someone you love spending time with and think about more than is probably good for you. It becomes as much about growing closer to that person and enjoying spending time just talking and hanging out as it does about the sex.
I'm seeing someone now like this and I do fear falling into that trap of feeling too much again and getting hurt. However, the situation is way different and the lessons learned in the past will serve me well, and I'm thankful for that. I do think that this could be great. A lifelong friendship that won't get kicked to the curb because of guilt or fear. He reminds me that I AM a good person. He brings out this nurturing, caring side of me that I really like, in tandem with the crazy, sexual, kinky side that I love about myself. I want to bake him casseroles (or at least throw a frozen pizza in the oven), while fucking his brains out.

I think the trick is to keep all things transparent and above board with frequent monitoring of the situation. Or is there a "trick"? Maybe its just life and we shouldn't over-think it so much. Or post about it on anonymous blogs. Heh.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Sunday, August 17, 2014

quick shots

  • I've been out of the country for a week. French men are so hot. 
  • Someone I know requested to follow Bella on Twitter and then seemingly cancelled it. I guess I should be flattered that I'm being stalked. Or creeped out. 50/50.
  • I need to go shopping to replace shit in my luggage that was lost. Until then I will go makeup free and smell like men's deodorant because I'm having to steal Mr. Man's.
  • I need a million naps. 
  • I also need Mexican food. 
Happy Sunday!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

the things I do for a couple of tomatoes

Spent the night with Cash. No sleeping occurred until I got home this morning. Luckily, I have the day off to recover. Staying up all night ain't as easy as it used to be.

He gave me some tomatoes from his garden this morning, thus prompting the following conversation with my PolitelyPerving bestie...Me: "He gave me tomatoes from his garden...Bella, hoeing herself for veggies"....PP: "Is that all it takes? I need to start taking tomatoes to the clubs. Just kidding. I don't go to clubs."...

Two things I love. A good pun ("hoeing", anyone?) and sexy friends to share them with. And favorite vegetable.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Recap That Really Isn't

My visit with Frances was lovely, sexy, hot, fun, wild, and a bit drama filled. Loyalty is a strong and mysterious bird. And I will be completely clear and tell you that loyalty to my friend and respect for her wishes are the only thing that is keeping me from filling you in on the extremely sexy details. It bothers me a lot to have to censor, but I love her more than I feel the need to share a hot story here.

So why even bother mentioning it if I'm just going to be a tease and not give the low down dirty details? Because this blog is meant to be a diary of my sexual journey; where I can tell my secrets to strangers and have a creative outlet for feelings that I can't disclose anywhere else. Its a part of me and even if I am not at liberty to tell this particular story, I want a placeholder here, for myself especially. Because it happened and should be marked in time in some way. And this is my way.

What I can and will do, however, is share this photo from our weekend of debauchery and say that it was part of one of the sexiest and sweetest encounters I've ever had. If I think of it that way, maybe I can temper the nagging bit of resentment that twinges at my brain because I'm restrained from recapping it for reasons I don't agree with. Maybe it can be ok to keep the details of what truly happened during that few days close to my heart and only known to the three people involved. Its a delicious secret that I can relive in my head and have for always.


Monday, July 14, 2014

naps, sex, and short weeks

Mr. Man and I took advantage of a rare afternoon without the child and had a nice romp in the sack. (That expression is so cheesy, I know). Granted, I had to wait until after he was finished watching Dexter but that was ok because I got a nice nap in as well. Two of my favorite things...a nap AND sex, in the same afternoon!

Its a short work week for me because on Friday I get to hop an early flight to go visit the always beautiful and fun Frances for a couple of days. I am SO excited! Giddy would be an appropriate description for how I feel about this.

And now, sleep.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ethan, Part II

He opened the door to Room 119 of the same hotel as last time. He was naked and had a glass of whiskey and Sprite in hand, ready for me. I could tell that it was going to be a good night.

And it was.

He even let me handcuff and blindfold him and do as I pleased. That was new for me, as I'm the one usually being restrained. I'm not sure I'm good at being the Dominant one. Actually, pretty sure I'm not. I prefer to give control than take it. But far be it from me not to try new things. Life would be incredibly mundane if you didn't, right?

He fucks like you'd expect a 20-something to fuck. Long and hard and fast. But he cuddles the opposite, slow and sweet and adorable.

We played, cuddled, and talked for a few hours and then hugged and went our separate ways. Sexy, non complicated, and fun. Like this is supposed to be.