Tuesday, March 30, 2010

post date

When I said I would post tonight I had no idea what I'd write here. Oh hell, I still don't. But I feel like typing and talking so here I am. You lucky bastards. Ha. 

Date night last weekend with Mr. Man was nice, as I mentioned. Very tame but quite lovely just to be together, only the two of us. Being parents has been difficult I'll admit. (Which reminds me, if I don't get my period by tomorrow I am going to have a serious nervous breakdown. But I digress.) The strip club idea didn't happen. I'm not sure why. We both want to but just can't seem to get there for some reason. He's been before but I haven't. Maybe it would be easier/more fun to go with another couple or a group? Maybe we're just shy. We also didn't find the energy for lovemaking on date night. Crazy I know. But the following evening? Can you say "bow chicka bow wow"? We popped in our new porno flick and rocked the bedroom. Other people's names were mentioned which makes us both extra hot and bothered. Yum-o-licious.

I'm thinking the sex will be much more frequent once tax season is over and his long hours are no more. Yet another reason to look forward to late April. Perhaps other sexy fun will make its way into our lives as summer approaches. Here's hoping.

...in other less sexy news...I have a job interview of sorts tomorrow. I'm not really stressing about it as the job doesn't even have funding yet and is kind of up in the air. But it's a possibility that's been brewing for a while now and I'm just ready to wow them with my sparkling personality and mad job skilz. Its kind of nice not to be all worked up about it as I tend to do better when I just relax and "be myself". Anyway, we'll see what happens. I do know that its impossible for me to continue in my current situation for much longer. I am bored out of my brain. I walk in that place every morning and am instantly deflated. It's draining the life out of me and I'm just done.

I have a hot date with a treadmill in the morning so I'm off to bed in a bit. Have a lovely night.



  1. We're the same way with the strip club... want to go, just haven't pulled the trigger for some reason. I agree though that it would be more fun to go with another couple...

  2. yeah, at this rate we'll never make it to a swinger club. ha. :)