Sunday, May 9, 2010


I have the urge to go shopping for lingerie. I probably won't anytime soon but for some reason, a pretty bra and panty set always makes a girl feel better right? Especially when she's wearing it underneath a boring office appropriate suit.

This is a favorite bra of mine. Basic black. Nothing special as far as appearances go, but under a low cut shirt, it gives my relatively small boobs some "UMMMPH"! And a little "UMMMPH" is always sexy I say.

Yeah, its uncomfortable. Too snug, my own fault (and those damn french fries). But I endure the snugness for cleavage's sake. You're welcome.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there! I hope your day has been fabulous!



  1. Is this the bra you tweeted something about earlier today? I was thinking "Sure would be nice to see it"- does this post mean you're a mind reader? :-)

    Happy Mother's Day Bella!

  2. that's one lovely bra!! happy mother's day!

  3. I am thinking that the ladies don't look all that small and really don't need any ummmmph. They look perfectly lovely to me. ;)

  4. It's beautiful and you are even more beautiful!

    xoxo, Crystal

  5. Happy Mother's Day.
    If you lived closer, I'd definitely love to go lingerie shopping with you. (Can I join you in the changing room?).

  6. Hope you had a absolutely fabulous Mother's Day, Bella. You look delicious in your basic black!

  7. Loving the cleavage..... *grins*

    I have a bra that gives me *AMAZING* cleavage. It's super pretty and I love love love the way it looks on and undernearth...well ANYTHING. BUT it's so freaking uncomfortable and scratchy and just- blech. But...I still wear it when I want to go *pow*, lol.


  8. Fantastic cleavage. And YES, new lingerie makes this woman a boost too :)

  9. You rock that black bra!!! Yes, you do!