Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Update on Clark and Dara

So, remember this?

There have been texts back and forth and we are on the same page. We all want to see each other again. Sexy time is imminent. So that, my friends, is a win.

Except there is an "if". If we can get our fucking schedules to mesh. We require a bit of planning what with a small child and the need for a babysitter. Their kids are older but still live at home. The nights we have a sitter this month, they are out of town. Life stuff ya know. It sucks the spontaneity out of it but its ok. Its good to know where we all stand and hopefully schedules will work out eventually.

I'm cool with this actually. We made some great new friends that we feel good about exploring with sexually when the timing works out. Its nice. There's no pressure but its on the table. Besides, anticipation is half the fun.



  1. Anticipation is definitely half the fun. And sometimes more than half. :-)

    It does sound like a win. Good luck - and keep us posted!