Monday, January 6, 2014

take me home

They sat on the couch in the bookstore cafe. Her winter coat covered bare legs, a discreet invitation for him to slip his hand underneath to touch smooth naked skin. Always the planner, she had worn a dress that hit her at mid-thigh, boots, and no panties or bra. If any other customers happened to glance at the pair, they would only notice two people having a casual conversation and not the fact that his fingers had made their way between the folds of flesh between her legs to the wetness underneath.

"Let's go to your car, now," she demanded while smiling pleasantly at him as if she'd just asked how his day had been. He smiled back at her, gripped her elbow, and they briskly walked between the shelves and into the parking garage. Once inside the car, she attacked him. On her knees in her seat she leaned her body onto his and kissed him hard while his hand slid under her dress and cupped her ass. She massaged his cock through his jeans while his fingers, first one, then two, then three and four slid inside her dripping slit.

They were both hungry and the car just wouldn't do.

"You need to take me home."

"Yes, yes I believe I do."


  1. Very hot little tale. :-) Possibly even hotter if the answer to "Take me to your car now" had been "Not just yet...I'm going to tease you a bit more here first."

  2. Anyone else start sing Franz Ferdinand after this?

    Me neither. Really. Swear!

  3. Very, very hot scene. Hope you describe what happens at home.