Monday, December 14, 2015

sexting and playtime

I'm for it. With people who are good at it. Because there are some really bad and unoriginal sexters out there. And I had this whole funny post about this topic written in my head but now I'm just not feelin' it. Fickle pickle.

Some mornings I take some me time and play. Like today. Toys, porn, a certain man named Cash in my head. The bad thing about this is that afterwards I just want to burrow under the covers and go into that lovely post climax doze.

The glass dildo here? A gift from C-Man long long ago and in a time far away. Speaking of good sexters, he is one. And he seems pleased that his gift is still being put to good use on the same pussy he used to tease, lick and pound. I am really really hoping to see him again in the coming months. I miss that roughness and Dom thing he was so good at. And reading that long ago post from when I was new at this makes me smile. Make it happen again baby. Pretty please?

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  1. I think the thing about sexting is you really gotta be familiar with your partner. ALL sexting has the potential to sound dumb as fuck. You just gotta know which phrases turn their crank despite that