Saturday, March 27, 2010

a quickie

Date night last night was very nice. Tame, but nice. Mr. Man was excited about the babysitter coming over as he has a slight major crush on her. Very cute to see him flirt with her. We headed to a nice dinner in which I treated myself to a couple of appletinis and some white wine. Just enough alcohol to relax and get loose, but not enough to give me a hangover. I'm all about balance ya know. Ha. A trip to the local sex store and we bought a new movie to add to our collection. We were both exhausted and were home by 11:30. I know, we're old. It's pathetic really but what ya gonna do?
And I'm still exhausted so this post is pretty much done. I have many things I'm mulling over in my head but don't have the words to express them right now. Life is just weird sometimes.
More soon.


  1. How old is the babysitter?
    Would you ever try to seduce her?
    And did you and he have sex last night, or just date night and sleep?

  2. Southern Sage - yeah, weird is the word I'm looking for. I think.

    Nitebyrd - Ahhhh, I like "busy" much better than "old". :)

    Ron - in her 20s. And yes, I'm crushing on her too. No sex that night but we made up for it the next night!