Thursday, April 22, 2010

playing dress up

To lighten up the gloomy mood of my prior post, lets play dress up shall we? I haven't done all that much role playing in the bedroom but I think its something I could definitely get into more. I do have a few costumes I like to bring out now and then for photos, playtime and such.

Between my beer girl and my fairy costume, the beer girl one is easier to play in and is much more comfy (damn those fairy wings) but I love both of them because they're so different. Mr. Man is quite fond of either and if it were up to him, I'd have a closet full of costumes to play in! Maybe I can add to my collection soon.

And so, I give you Bella as Fairy....

And Bella as German Beer Girl....

Have a preference?



  1. As I think we've discussed, I'd love to work in a costume shop. Think of the possibilities.

    I have no preference. You look fantastically sexy in both. Now as for the pose in the above pics? Fairy. Yes.

  2. My closet is like my Disneyland. Not that I have a ton of "dress up cloths" but I like to go and play dress up. I pick out the outfit I want to go see Parker in, shoes, try on different shirts ect.... I have several sex cloths and when I am feeling frisky I put them on to make myself feel good and sexy.

    It's fun;)

  3. Having a four year old daughter means that all my clothes become dress up clothes to her, so I can just imagine her excitement if she opened up my closet and saw something fun and sparkly! But regardless, you look gorgeous in both costumes... I'm partial to the beer girl look though!

  4. I love playing dress hubby really doesn't care. so I don't get to play. which sucks, oh well, I guess I can't have it all.

    But I love your dress ups, I want to be a fairy with you. You look beautiful!!!

    xo, Crystal

  5. Mmm beer...

    But in either case, I'd prefer to see the outfit tossed on the floor ;-)

  6. both Bella's are HOT bella! So either would suit me!

  7. I LOVE costumes and dressing up! Both are awesome. I'm a sucker for wings though ;)

  8. I'm with Sage and Hubman.

  9. Oh I love the colors of Bella Fairy but having some German heritage I do like the whole Beer Girl theme!
    So... both it is!
    Nice pictures.