Monday, April 19, 2010

stuff 'n things

It's a funny thing, this blogging thing I mean. Sometimes I want to pour every naked detail of my life onto the screen here and sometimes I want to stay completely shut down and closed off. Usually, I do something in between the two extremes.

Tonight is no different. I have nothing especially specific to say but want to vent somewhat, share a few things, withhold others.

First, some sexy stuff...Mr. Man had quite the adventure over the weekend with a new friend. He gave me permission to post about it but I promised him I'd let him approve the post first. So any details about that will have to wait until I put it down for him to read. Let's just say it's Penthouse Letters worthy. Steamy. It was interesting, not just for the erotic-ness of it, but for the emotions it brought out as well. And I'm stopping now so as not to overstep bounds.

I had some killa phone sex with Mr. Jr. High last night. He's so unpredictable in that he is equal parts frustrating and intriguing. He popped up online tempting me, daring me to call him if I was "up to it". I refused, making up some lame work excuse because I wasn't in the mood. I hopped into bed and grabbed my vibrator just for the hell of it and got nothing. I was not into it at all. So I gave up, took a picture of my boobs and texted it to him as a goodnight message. (everyone does that when they can't sleep isn't it? sends nekkid pics of themselves to people, right? humor me.) Then of course, he starts in on trying to get me to call him, says some pretty intense stuff to me that gets my juices flowing, so to speak. I call and we have the best phone sex so far. We end our session with brief discussion about getting together in real life. I've discussed this with Mr. Man and the option is there if I want to go there. We shall see what happens. For now, I'm fine with keeping my "relationship" with Mr. Jr. High confined to the phone but its nice to have the option if I decide to take it there. One quirk, Mr. Jr. High doesn't know that Mr. Man and I are in an open marriage. Would it be dishonest not to tell him if it got physical? I hesitate to tell him because he knows my family and my entire circle of real life friends back home and I don't want those people to know about our arrangement. But its not much better (if any) for people to think I'm cheating on my husband either. And maybe I don't trust him not to "tell on me". Anyway, I haven't thought all this stuff through but I don't like the possible complications of it all. I just wanna fuck. Simple.

Jake has gone a bit cold again. Simply meaning that there hasn't been any follow up to our text conversation from the weekend. Which is still searing my brain and ended with him saying he would get another day off of work and we'd try once again to hook up. Among other things, he asked if this would be a one time deal or if it would be an ongoing thing. I drunkenly replied that he could fuck me whenever he wanted to. Which is of course, easy to say when your drinking but in reality, that would depend on what happened at the first encounter. I think he knows that but for some reason, this weekend he seemed more willing to ask me all kinds of questions and say certain things to me that he usually doesn't. Hard to explain and again, damn people, I just wanna fuck and not get all complicated with the over analyzing. Is that too much to ask?Anyway, he is aware that I'm in an open marriage so that is a mute point with him.

Yikes, looks like I've rambled on and on here. That was not my intent but there ya go. And I never even got around to the normal, non-sexual stuff I was going to write. Oh well. Another time. I think I'm out for the night.



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  1. mr.jr high sounds like he could come back to bite you in the ass (and not in the fun way) if you did take it to the next level. Having just recently been burned myself, its not worth it in my eyes.

    I hope it all works out how you want!! oh, with lots of orgasms too!