Sunday, May 23, 2010

impending insanity and cool people

A couple of things....

I have that damn "Bob the Builder...YES WE CAN" song in my head and it is giving me a pounding headache. And can we talk about how many mornings I wake up with "Lights, Camera, Action...WIGGLES...welcome to our TV show...." or "me and you and zooboomafooooooo" in my head. I am going insane y'all. And sometimes these songs play in my head throughout the day like background music in a department store. I'm not even kidding.

What does it mean when your laptop screen keeps dimming and then brightening back up? Is my screen about to go out on me? I can wiggle the cord in back or sometimes move the screen and it will come back bright for a sec but then dim again. This is not good. Without my laptop I am nothing. Nothing I tell you.

So, Mr. Man and I have been talking to some new blogger friends lately. The lovely and sexy and hilarious couple from this blog. We started emailing, realized that we have quite a lot in common, phone numbers were exchanged and viola, the next thing you know, I'm calling dude up to cum for him. Good gawd I'm such a phone whore. But seriously, we've all talked a ton over the past several days and they are really the coolest couple. He's such a cutie, cracks me up constantly with corny jokes and has a dom side that I find very intriguing and insanely hot. Easy to talk to and hilarious. There is nothing sexier to me than a man who can make me laugh and who "gets" my sense of humor/snark. She is beautiful, stunning actually and Mr. Man is quite enamoured, as am I. And I covet her hair. Covet, I say. Oh, did I mention his voice? It makes me swoon. As I described it to Mr. Man the other day, he talks all "northerny and fast". Its so different from the southern drawl I'm used to. Sexy haut. I had the most intense orgasm via phone sex I've ever had when I called him. Maybe it was all the yummy domineering stuff he was saying to me but freakin' frakkin' froo it was crazy good.

Cool people rock don't they?

And now I'm off to bed. Another week awaits.



  1. awww *blushing*. You guys are super cool. We love getting to know you more and more each day.

  2. As a nanny, let me just say... I FEEL YOUR PAIN!! LOL. I'm always getting those kids songs stuck in my head!!

  3. For years, Barney songs would drive me crazy, but when one was on, we could sneak off to the bedroom, cause that meant the children were occupied!