Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is there anything sexually you won't do that others find mainstream or acceptable? Something that you think many many other folks do that you simply will not.

I'm not a fan of anal sex.

A few random things about that:

I've done it a few times but it isn't my favorite thing. Maybe its just a matter of doing it more and it'll grow on me? If anal sex is going to be a possibility, I prefer to be partaking in an alcoholic beverage (or five), since I'm more relaxed then I guess.

Lots of lube helps of course. And the more aroused I am, the more likely I'll be to engage in anal play.

You know what I think part of my problem with it is? I can't get past the thought of "dude, that's what I shit out of, why you wanna be going all up in there? That canNOT be sanitary!" Isn't that sexually immature and uncharacteristically unadventurous of me? Maybe but I can't help it. Its a mental thing.

Now, I do like a well placed finger to tease my asshole at times. That does intensify the orgasm if I'm into it.

Any suggestions for ways that might help me enjoy it more? Butt plug? Getting over myself?

Ok, enough butt talk. Carry on.

Ask me anything


  1. I am curious too.I have yet to do it only because I imagine it is going to flipping hurt, not be pleasureable. But I am all for someone proving me wrong! :)

  2. In the past Veronica had similar thoughts about anal sex. We wrote about it here ( and here (, if you're interested.

  3. Soe folks just don't enjoy it. Maybe immature but I know guys who won't do it because they might "get shit on their dick"

  4. Not high on my list of stuff I like either. Once or twice for the thrill of "the forbidden" was enough for me.

  5. If I'm going to have anal I am the one that needs to be in complete control. I prefer to be riding him so that I can have a clitoral orgasm at the same time. And yes lots of lube is important.

  6. I have become a fan.. but, I am a nut about making sure I am well "cleansed" beforehand.. so, it can't be a surprise (which you would think takes the thrill out of it.. but, doesn't ..I am more relaxed because I don't have to worry). Plus, I make Mark wear a condom just in case. Lots of lube does help.. and a little toy at my clit at the same time.. sends me through the roof. But, it is def something that takes getting used to and some people just won't. Nothing wrong with that.

  7. I hate planning anything when it comes to sex but....anal...that's got to be planned for me whether I am the recipient or the giver. I had a girl friend who loved to do me in the was her thing so I was ok with it, but it had to be planned.....I had to have that clean feeling and planning kinda takes the thrill out of something....

  8. I recently posted a blog entry about anal sex at and invite you to read it and comment here or there.

    As for advice, I don't have much, except to concur with your comments about booze and lube.

    And a quick shout out to Danielle: I'd love to prove you wrong about anal. You do need to find a gentle lover who will be patient.....

  9. Like you Bella I am not a fan of anal. I've tried it a few times. My lover kept begging, and I relented. He loved it! The first time we did it, I was scared! not literally. The other times were okay, the sensation itself is not arousing so I don't get anything out of it. The last time I did it my bf was so freakin' aroused, I talked dirty to him driving him crazy. That was fun. That I enjoyed but it had nothing to do with his big beautiful cock sliding up my rear.

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  11. Danielle, yeah, i'm not ruling it out for future play...

    Hubman, read your posts and commented at your place. hmmmmmmmm.

    Sage, of course, you would have that lil' antecdote to share! :P

    13, so, did it just not feel all that great to you or was it an issue for your partners? I'm curious....

    Kat, strap on?

    Jen, yes, being clean is a priority (ew) and clit play as well. sheesh, i'm thinking this is too complicated and i'm a lazy

    bdenied, ok see i was going to say something about what's fair for the goose is fair for the gander...i haven't talked to many men who would go there. kudos to you!

    ron, read your post and commented. thanks for the link too.

    HEDONE, extreme arousal is key for me to even consider anal. at this point anyway. "scared shitless"...haha...

    nitebyrd, going to check out that blog now. thanks!