Sunday, May 2, 2010

still raining and i'm drowning

Figuratively speaking. But y'all it is seriously crazy raining, flooding, people are stranded, have died, roads are closed, cars are flipped, etc. Its madness. My lil' family is safe and sound and we are thankful for that.

I now have some very interesting formspring questions to occupy myself with. Thanks for giving me something to think about. I'll answer them soon. They'll make for good blog fodder.

Things at work are shit-tastic. The boss now knows that I'm bored as hell, disinterested and have no focus. Oh, and she knows that I'm looking elsewhere for something more creative. What irritates me is that she doesn't realize that at least half of the problem is her extreme royal cuntness. And she had the gall to tell me that I was stressing HER out. She has a valid point in that I should do my job while I'm there and I do and will continue to do so. However, I just wish someone (me or whoever) could tell her that she is a bitch and has no place managing others. But while I'm still employed under her, I can't do that. And even after I leave (if I ever get out) I am not sure I can afford to burn that bridge. Its a nasty uncomfortable situation and I'm just praying to the Universe that something comes up soon to get me out of that black hole. For the record, I'm applying my ass off to other things that would be a better fit for me. Its just difficult as I seem to have pigeonholed myself into this one little niche. Ugh. I've done ok not thinking about it this weekend but every once in a the situation will pop up in my head and I just feel sick to my stomach.

But enough of that. I hate bitching about it all the time and yet, I need to vent about it somewhere. Sorry. I have some other things to write about but will put them in another post.


  1. well go ahead and bitch, anyone who doesn't like it can click that little x up there in the corner.

    Hope the work deal gets straight!

  2. You had me worried there for a second with that title. Good to see things are going well for you aside from work.

    You know, reading everything you wrote about your job situation made me think every single word could be true for me, although I would never write them, because I keep trying to convince myself that it's not that bad. It's true, everything you said, including the part about painting yourself into a niche... I totally understand. Makes me wonder what the heck you do.

    Looking forward to your non-work related posts.

  3. I can relate to the unhappy job situation. I hope you find something new soon!

  4. Go ahead and bitch! This is your forum. Hope you're doing okay with what's going on there. The pictures are heartbreaking.

    Working sucks.