Sunday, May 23, 2010

tonight's goals

To catch up on reading and commenting on your lovely sexy blogs and to post at least one more of my own tonight. Oh, and to have popcorn for supper, to NOT watch Lost, to plow through the chaos that is our bedroom, to prep for tomorrow, to NOT have a nervous breakdown because I got yet another fucking job rejection and my coworker is turning in her two week notice tomorrow because her mother got her a job.

I can do this I think. I need time management skilz. And to up my meds.



  1. i am gonna have popcorn, and eat it when you make your next post. :), while also not watching Lost. You got skillz, I have faith in you. The right job for you will come to you, everything happens for a reason.

  2. Did you really have popcorn for supper? And good luck working on the time management skills.


  3. Did you watch the Laker game tonight? Random question, sorry.

    And thanks babe. I'm just super bummed.

  4. FD - why yes, yes I did in fact have popcorn for supper. Is that weird? I do that a lot. Healthy? No. Yummy-freakin'-licious? Yes. :)

  5. I caught parts of it. A. Stoudemire went off, nash was awesome. Any time the Lakers lose its a good night.

    Funny I would describe u as Yummy - freakin - licious. :)

  6. I know your bummed. But your awesome, a better job is out there for you. Ill do my best to cheer you up!