Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What stimulate do you use the most when you masturbate? Like, porn vids, written erotica, pics, just thoughts etc?

What can I say, I love porn. A lot. It is definitely a stimulant for my solo love sessions. No specific kind really, just your mainstream run of the mill porno does the job.

I do enjoy erotica, if its well written. But that's not the first thing I go to when I want to get off quickly.

I only have a few questions left in the que, y'all ask me some more good stuff!


Ask me anything


  1. You said to ask you anything so how often do you have these solo love sessions? And do you use a vibe when you have them?

    And I loved the shirt in the previous post -- ok it wasn't the shirt that caught my eye but your lovely cleavage? Do you like to show a lot of cleavage in public?


  2. I am mostly turned on by visuals, so porn works for me too!!!

  3. Yep.. chalk me up to the porn as well.

    I think like you.. doesn't matter too much what kind either... I am an equal opportunist!

  4. Porn, definitely. I adore it. Doesn't matter to me what kind, either.

    I also enjoy phone sex with my Beast...He loves to hear me get off.

  5. Well..... I am a guy... and we ARE visual... sooooooooooo... yep!!! :oD