Monday, May 17, 2010

You say you want another tattoo.. what and where would you have it? I have 7, two will soon be covered up for good, bad mistake to have them in first place.. I've moved on now. ;) Indi x

I go back and forth on this. In my current job, I need to be conscious of the location and technically it's supposed to be somewhere out of sight. Lame corporate bishes I know.

I'm thinking shoulder, boob, hip or ankle...yeah, I should probably narrow that down huh?

As far as the "what", I'm not sure about that either...I'd like something that represents my daughter or maybe something that symbolizes "peace" (as in inner) or "dream" (as in dreamer).

Bottom line? I don't know! Eek! But I just know I want more!

Thanks for the question Indi!

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  1. i vote peace or dreamer and boob.

    Professor plum, candlestick, conservatory....wait..wrong game...


  2. Bella: The boob suggestion sounds good but if you wore an outfit that shows a lot of cleavage, it might be hard to cover up.

    Can you describe the tats you do have. Is there one of your butt. You figure only your lovers will see that one. LOL.


  3. Ive never been much of a tattoo fan, but I'm changing on that at this point... and like it, it will reflect my kids...

    Thanks for coming by!


  4. I love tattoos. They have to have meaning though. We need some pictures of the ones you have and like!

  5. Hello, I would invite them to join our blog, sending pictures of your feet to some topic of the blog as our friends and couples ..

  6. Keep looking at pictures, the artwork will decide where it should go.