Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If this is rock bottom, at least it's tasty

Some people have a crisis & go shoot up in an alley somewhere. Me? I prefer to scarf down doublestuff Oreos & brush my teeth with a bottle of Diet Pepsi (thanks Ke$ha) in a Walmart parking lot.
That's where I found myself last night, crying into a package of cream filled cookies surrounded by the People of Walmart. Pathetic.

Why? Eh, work stuff/life stuff that no one seems to understand but me. And even I don't get it sometimes so I guess I shouldn't expect others to. It's just nice when they try.

This post is brought to you by too much thinking, too much stress & too many oreos.



  1. Well I will say this, it seems to me bouts of crying when and where you are seems to be a trait that comes standard issue with the installation of a vagina.

  2. Sage is right. The smart bastard. Incidentally, I go with Lay's plain potato chips, brownies and Evan Williams in whatever chaser in the house is the least flat. I feel ya, mama. Vagina et al...

  3. Hugs to you! Sometimes life just collapses down on you - and all you can do is get it out of your system. Sounds like you did just that.

  4. Nothing wrong with too much thinking but here's hoping you get over the stress. When you feel stress coming on, think sexy thoughts instead.


  5. I prefer to brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack. But that's just me... ;)

    *hugs* honey


  6. thanks y'all. life is just stupid sometimes.

  7. Mmm Oreos...

    I hope today is better than yesterday!

  8. I am heading to Walmart. I am in need of a good cry!

  9. That 'too much thinking' fucks me over on occasion as well!!
    Oh, but spending 10 minutes watching the Wal-mart crowd going through the checkout lines does wonders for your self-esteem!! :):):)~

  10. Hmmm... seems I found the oreos... knew there was a story there somewhere... yeah, Life is stupid sometimes... just as too much thinking does... but... if I wanna laugh... I DO go to Walmart!!!!



  11. Because you still had your sense of humor, it wasn't rock bottom...thank goodness.