Wednesday, June 2, 2010

popcorn & no jammies

Its my favorite treat after a long day...a bowl of hot buttered popcorn, snuggled in our huge bed leaning against the sexy black leather headboard (its not as cheesy as it sounds I swear), laptop and cell phone at my side and HGTV on the tv. I'm a simple girl in some aspects, complicated in others.

Usually I would add "comfy sock monkey pajamas" to the above scenario but I decided to take C-Man's recommendation and go sans jammies tonight. At least for the picture anyway. That guy is full of helpful advice ain't he? But seriously, C-Man and M have been lovely the past several days. We've talked a lot and I do believe I overheard a bit of hot phone sex happening last night between M and Mr. Man. There is talk of meeting up at some point to hang out and see what happens. What's nice is that we like them as friends and there is no pressure from anyone. Although I have to say, I am quite skeptical that when we meet up, that nothing sexy will happen. I'm just sayin'.

The past few days have been crazy. I've lost my patience, laughed, cried, felt hopeless and hopeful within hours of each other. I like to call myself "quirky" but sometimes I think the more accurate term might be "crazy bitch". Heh. I have a work trip to CA coming up in a few days and although I will be spending a lot of time with the boss from hell, I will have a swanky hotel room all to myself at night. Can we say Heaven? Hella yeah. I am thinking that it would be fun to have a playmate for hot hotel sex though. I mean, that big bed is going to go to waste with just me in it, doncha think? Eh, I can dream can't I? It will be a nice change, if only for a few days and I do like that airport madness tempered by monotony. Because I'm weird.

For now, I prep for another work day tomorrow. Friday I'll be spending catching up on sleep if things go as planned. I hope. Although Mr. Man and I can't have sex while he recovers, a few hours of extra sleep and silence is sounding just as good as a mind-blowing orgasm right now. Ok, not exactly JUST as good but I'm trying to think positive here. Work with me people.



  1. i never wanted to be a bowl of popcorn so bad. :) Oh, and I can confirm, I DEFINITELY heard some hot phone sex between those two :)


  2. Popcorn!! Yay!!! I love popcorn and still make it in a cast iron skillet...much better that way!!!

    Hot phone sex? Oh my!! :oD


  3. I've stopped at a movie theater and just gone in to buy the popcorn!
    Yummy. Sexy shot!

  4. I haven't had popcorn in ages and now I want some!

    Take it from me, having a playmate for hot hotel sex is a lot of fun! Which reminds me of my last trip to San Diego ;-)

  5. Who knew popcorn could look so sexy? Hope you have a good trip and maybe find someone to share the bed!

  6. Bella: Maybe one of the popcorn companies should hire you to endorse their product. You've shown how popcorn can be sexy.


  7. I don't see any un-popped kernels. :0

    That's a wonderful photo Bella.

  8. mummmmmm HGTV... my favorite non erotic thing to watch in bed.. Love it

  9. Hmmmm, hot hotel sex sounds good right now!

  10. I'm suddenly very hungry for popcorn...