Saturday, June 26, 2010

stealing moments

I'm sneaking in some hurried blog reading and posting as I can today. I think I'd like about a week with nothing to do, no plans, no commitments, no responsibilities. Oh hell, who am I kidding, I'd like at least a year of all of that!

I'm in a sexual slump, the last few days anyway. Of course, much of it has to do with being sick, as well as that monthly curse of females 'round the globe (who's brilliant fucking idea was THAT anyway???), but I'm just kind of meh at the moment. Sure I could post yet another pic of my boobs or ass, but really, they haven't changed any since the last time you saw them over here so that's kind of boring eh? I suppose I should be thinking more creatively. It'll come back to me in a few days or even hours I'm sure. I never stay in the same frame of mind for very long. (The men in my life are rolling their eyes and shouting a-fucking-men right now. Shut up.)

Last night I baked a blackberry cobbler. I don't bake. Or cook. Or sew, decorate, iron or make my own flower arrangements. I might be a heterosexual male. Thank you C-Man for the extremely simple cobbler recipe. Next time, I will remember the flour I promise. The margarita I was drinking while concocting said cobbler did help my throat but probably did nothing for the quality of my baked good. It wasn't a failure however, and Mr. Man says it tastes good, it's just really runny and didn't set up. Hence the need for flour, which honestly never occured to me.  My skills are not in the kitchen. At least when it comes to the cooking of food. And no, I didn't taste it because I don't like blackberry cobbler. I'm weird.

Sidenote: The pictures in this post are some I took of the sky from my perspective the other night.

Sometimes, my perspective kicks ass. I'm just sayin'.


  1. A Fucking Men. :) Well, you told me to shut up, was I supposed to take that lying down? Wait you didnt ask me to lie down...but...errr....nevermind. :) And, your welcome, dont forget the flour next time :)

    And all anyone has to see, is one of your 1st posts of you in the kitchen reaching for a can on the top shelf...and no one will question your skills in the kitchen. :)

  2. I don't bake. Or cook. Or sew, decorate, iron or make my own flower arrangements. I might be a heterosexual male.

    Well at least you are honest and completely full of wit ;)

    Love that about you. *muah*

  3. Hey I so think you're kick ass anywhere you to be!!!! Sexy thing!

    xoxo, Crystal

    Love the pics

  4. You crack me up! If it is any consolation, your cobbler sounds much like my attempts at pie... tastes okay, but definitely not pretty!

    Hope you're feeling better (and sexy) soon! xoxo