Monday, July 5, 2010

from mantle to bedroom

Ok y'all, I'm finally writing about my first experience a few weeks ago with a glass dildo. Aren't you pumped?

I'd seen these very pretty contraptions in porn, online and in sexy stores and always thought they looked like something I'd rather set on the mantle to admire than to play with in and around my naughty bits. They're just so pretty and luscious looking. As my motto is "never say never" and since our friends in NE gifted us with a quite lovely one to try out, well, I did.

Oh. My. God. 

Now here's the thing. The timing was great. I was horny, Mr. Man was into it, the stars were aligned. All conditions were a go. The glass is just....yummy. Hard, cold at first, then warms to your body temp. Smooth, sleek, feels soooooo good in my hands and when inserted.

Also, did I mention that it's angled just so? So as to hopefully stimulate that elusive (for me anyway) g-spot. Now I must admit to you dear readers than my g-spot and I have not been the best of friends. That is to say, I wasn't even sure that I HAD one. And let me just ask you more knowledgeable sexy people...if it feels like you are about to spray pee everywhere, is that it???? If not then fuck it. I give up. The dildo hit that spot and it felt a bit uncomfortable at first, like I was going to pee all over the bed, but then I seemed to get over that icky feeling and it felt goooooood.

What also felt good and sent me careening over the edge into a screaming writhing fit of ecstasy, was the inserted dildo in combination with my favoribe vibrator on my clit. That did it for me. The end result? Me in the fetal position panting. That is the sign of a phenomenal orgasm for me.

And so, I/we will be playing with our new toy much more in the future. I do want to get another one for the mantle though. They're just so damn pretty.



  1. Sounds perfectly delicious to me.

  2. Yup, I think you found it. Now if you really relax, squirting will be next :-)

  3. Bella: What a combination for pleasure -- the dildo and your vibe. Sounds like it works for you.

    And thanks for posting on my blog about your G-spot adventures. Interesting that you wrote about it at the same time I did.


  4. We love our glass toys- we have a dildo similar to yours and a butt plug (which we're reviewing on my blog tomorrow).

    Here's to more fun to cum :-)

  5. Your posts often arouse me and make me laugh out loud.


  6. Love the new look. As for the glass dildo, I just may have to get one of those for myself, fetal position orgasms sounds simply wonderful to me. p.s. Thanks for the B day wishes.

  7. They are absolutely gorgeous things, and I do love the feel of them. She, on the other hand, having a love-hate relationship with all things glass, is not sure yet.

    On the mantelpiece though, could be interesting for the occasional guests, or even the in-laws.

  8. Can't give any insight on the g-spot as mine is as elusive as a unicorn but I enjoyed your review. Glass dildos are so pretty!

  9. I got my first glass toy last year. I was very impressed! Love it actually. Sounds like you too ;)


  10. Damn, I am gonna have to invest in some glass now!!!!

  11. FYI - Your 'glass' with a bowl of ice and a thermos of very hot water on the side.. This can make for very interesting play.. :):)