Saturday, July 31, 2010

hi sexies, sexys, sexees...

How in the hell do you spell that anyway? Or maybe it's not even an official word and it doesn't matter. Anyway, the point is, hi y'all! Life has been crazy madness and uber boring all at the same time. I haven't emailed my mother in weeks or my best friend either...they are about to disown me I do think. Eek.

Randomness....Anywho, on this weekend's list is to write my next to last post about our hizzot weekend. Yum. I have a lil something from the lovely Babe Lincoln to write about as well. There are new pics around here somewhere unless my laptop ate them. My vibrator is broken...or else all the double A batteries that we own are dead...not Mr. Buzzy, but my second favorite one that I was going to use last Mr. Buzzy needs replacing...he sounds like a mac truck and it kinda breaks the mood, and the fucking sound barrier. Awwww, I just got a text from Mr. Man who is at the gym...he said "I need to fuck you again soon...the sex gets better every time". That made me grin. After 15 years together, I think that's very cool.

Ok, enough disjointedness. I just woke up with a massive crick in my neck and a slight hangover. Thought I'd say hi. Have a kick ass weekend!



  1. A broken vibrator is a bad thing!!! As for spellings, I go with either sexies or sexys... spell check shows neither to be right... but sometimes, what's right just 'ain't' right... just sayin'...


  2. you need a back up toy! And a fresh supply of batteries!

  3. I wish they had better "toys" for men but on then agian my hand is never broken or low on batteries.... and it goes with me everywhere I go :)

  4. That is so great about you and Mr. Man. That is what we all strive for in a marriage!