Wednesday, January 19, 2011


If you've been reading Bella for any length of time at all, then you know that over the past several months Mr. Man and I have developed a great relationship with the lovely couple from this blog. I haven't posted about our last visit with C-Man and M due to holiday madness and what have you. Honestly, its a bit difficult to know what to write about. Do I recount the sexy dirty details, or delve into the emotional aspects? Discuss the future, or analyze what got us to this point? Maybe a bit of it all? Anyway, here we go.

Our friends flew to our part of the country for a pre-holiday visit. We all decided the arrangements this time were going to be somewhat different. I feel like I should say that it was never the plan to have this "lifestyle" cross over or mesh at all into our "normal" lives. I use those terms for lack of better ones. And yet, it was also never the plan to meet a couple like C-Man and M and develop the type of relationship that we have. But things don't always go as planned do they?

The plan, a full swap with each male/female couple having one night in a lovely fantastic gorgeous hotel while the other couple stayed at home, being all domestic and just hanging out. What made this visit different and more meaningful in many ways is that we introduced C-Man and M to our daughter. Mr. Man and I had no qualms about this decision. We have become very close, outside of the sexual realm, and this level of trust and friendship makes it quite a natural thing for us to include them in our daily lives. As I knew she would, kiddo took right up with C-Man and M and had a blast doing fun toddler things with them. From her perspective, they are mommy and daddy's friends, just like all our other couple friends, and nothing more. As a sidenote, I've found it very interesting to read and talk to other like-minded bloggers with children and discuss if and how they handle (or plan to handle) this issue, especially with older children. A serious topic for another post at some point I think.

After picking our friends up at the airport and enjoying a bit of brunch at one of our favorite places in town, we made the drive home and the four of us enjoyed each other on our bed. If I remember correctly, I stalked C-Man to the back of the house and was waiting seductively on the bed when he came out of the bathroom. Yeah, I know, I'm subtle like that. It didn't take Mr. Man and M very long to join us. The experience of group sex was as great as before and it gets less awkward with each time. It is still one of the hottest things in the world for me to watch Mr. Man being made to cum at the hands, or mouth, or girly bits of another woman. I guess I'm just freaky like that (in addition to being subtle of course). He enjoys the sight of me giving and taking pleasure from another as well.

There was some psychological stuff going on with me, especially during the alone time with C-Man. All good things by the way, but things I want to digest a bit more and perhaps put into another post. I still wrestle with how much to share and how much to keep to myself. It does at times help with that whole self-expression thing to get it out there and let strangers weigh in so we'll see. I am evolving as a sexual being and its sometimes bizarre to watch that happen. And do I digress into random territory sometimes or what?!?

Bedtime for me. Spankings for the rest of you.



  1. Becoming actual "friends" is a good thing, I think.

  2. I love hearing your stories on this. You can tell how much all of this has evolved for you!

  3. I have to agree. I would love to hear all the parts of your story, dirty and not. Your relationships intrigue me and I fantasize about one day being in the same situation.

  4. This was great to read.....

    The whole area of's interesting to read how other people handle the situation. I don't hide that I have 'friends' (both female and male), but that is exactly what they are- friends. There is no need (I feel) to go into further explanation.

    I do think when my children are adults they will have an 'AHA' moment...

    Hmm. Interesting topic.