Monday, February 7, 2011

Part Two, Bella's Elusive O

Now where was I? Oh yes, it was time for C-Man to witness "the event". He had heard me climax over the phone but in person is altogether a different matter of course. Even with a vibe I have to be in the right frame of mind, suffiiciently stimulated and turned on. Not that this was a problem given that C-Man had just fucked me crazy. Don't get me wrong about my issue with climaxing, I love love love a cock inside of me. I love the feeling of fullness and of being entered over and over again. I just need a lil extra somethin' somethin' to take me over the edge.

The first time happened just as C-Man described. What he can't tell you about is what was going on in my head. Cumming with someone new is kind of a big deal for me, but actually this first time with C-Man was  easier than the times afterwards in the hotel (but thats another post).

So I reached over and opened the "sexy drawer" of my nightstand. By the way, if you don't have a sexy drawer, you totally should. Another motto of mine is to "keep all things erotic within easy reach of the bed". Not as catchy as "cum big or go home" but just as wise. My sexy drawer has my favorite vibe, batteries, some erotica, lube, a couple of my favorite pornos, and a glass dildo (from our lovely friends I might add). Stock it as you please but by all means, get yourself a sexy drawer! You can thank me later.

C-Man says "what are you doing?"...I tell him "I'm about to use my vibrator"....he gets a twinkle in his eye and a devilish grin and replies "And I'm about to pay very close attention"....  That guy makes me laugh.

My vibe is a purple bullet with nubby things on it. In case you were wondering or anything. I get a new one every so often but this is my latest favorite. You know what? I should name it...ohhhhh, next post will be "Name Bella's Vibe"...I'll have to come up with a cool giveaway for the winner or something. Ok, anyway, focus Bella focus.

Cumming with Mr. Purple Bullet (nah, not original enough) is always good. But cumming with the Lavender Lover (oh, that has possibilities, what do you think?) while your playmate expertly fingers your g-spot? Fucking amazingly intense and deeply satisfying. As in skin-tingling-body-glistening-breath-taking-fist-clenching-toe-curling-break-your-partners-neck-and-then-roll-yourself-into-a-ball-and-see-jesus kind of intense. Poor guy, I should have warned him that I might attack him while riding the wave and then of the aftermath where I withdraw into myself and need time to recenter and come back to earth.

And then what do I do after the sex is over and we begin to drift off to sleep all cuddled up? I grab my pillow and a blanket and leave him alone in my and my husband's bed. What? He was breathing really loudly and was kindof snoring a little. Sue me. Sometimes I am such a bitch.




  1. Im going with Purple Haze, Purple People Eaters, or Purple Passion. :)

    And you are a bitch, you good of at least kissed me goodnight........ :)

  2. You say that sometimes you can be such a bitch, then Bella I want you to be the biggest bitch you can be with me.

    You so damn sexy..... damn

  3. Ha...I love that last part.


  4. Ouch, VIXEN!!! Not nice!!!!!! :) C-man :)