Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Stuff, etc

Some good stuff has been happening in my other life here lately. You know, my daily regular normal vanilla life, the one that doesn't involve sex with hot men and wearing collars and leashes around the house. That life.
  • Career-wise, things are taking a turn in a good direction. Or at least a different direction, and in this case different is good. I'm all about different, I need different. So on that front I'm excited and ready for big changes over the next few months.
  • In sexier news, Mr. Man will be whisking M away on a little getaway in a few weeks, while C-Man hangs out with me and we continue this amazing thing we've got going. And yes, I have the best of intentions of posting more about his last visit and my foray into bondage and submission. Hopefully soon. Our future looks exciting and well, sexy as hell.
  • I had lunch with our friend 13 Messages the other day. Its so cool to hang out with him and be able to talk freely about whatever. Our conversations can get rather deep and I'm always left thinking about them long afterward. I'm lucky to have him as a friend. 
  • I can taste spring in the air here and I love it. Mr. Man mowed the yard today for the first time this season, I've seen buttercups (yeah, we call 'em "buttercups" around here. "Daffodils" is so...formal.) blooming on ditchbanks and the breeze today was just lovely. Oh, and I'm itching to get my spray tan on and show a little skin. And did I mention a long weekend at the beach has been booked for May? Complete with hot nanny and a sweet condo.
So yes, life is pretty damn good right now.


  1. Good for you... Yeah Bella

  2. good stuff is awesome!! yay you :)

    cut the yard already ? hellz ... can't wait till that time and how is it that i didn't know that buttercups are the same thing as daffodils??? wow.

    the things i learn here ;)

  3. Thanks H. :)

    That Girl - really? buttercups/daffodils...glad i could share my useful knowledge, haha. :)

  4. Mr Man has already mowed the lawn? Grr, there's still snow on ours!