Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flex A Pleasure? Shut Your Mouth

I was attracted to this toy because of its design. It looked kind of "space agey", like a toy Jane Jetson might use when George was out of town. A vibrating egg with a twist, so to speak. It comes in pink and purple (I got purple in case you're wondering). When the package came I was pleased because EUREKA, the batteries were included!

A bendable shaft separates the vibrating egg from the controller of the same size. This was the part I was skeptical about. I could just see the flexible bendy part weakening and finally breaking, leaving me with two worthless eggs-on-a-stick. I also wondered if the shaft would be able to hold its position while I was in NoTurningBackOhMyGod mode. Never fear however, the shaft (I just like saying that) is strong, steady, durable and can hold its ground.

The hand grip/controller has a soft coated texture and the egg itself has a smooth, hard plastic feel. The toy is easy to hold, is very light weight, and the controller is a simple twist at the end of the hand grip. The vibration strength is multi-speed and goes from a low intensity to what I would consider a medium. The toy is very quiet as well and gives off a low hum when at full speed. Great for going undercover, if you know what I'm sayin'. Wink wink.

So far, I have only used this for clit stimulation because that's my favorite thing on earth, but it is perfectly safe to insert and jiggle your internal business with as well if you happen to be into internal jiggling.

The Result: Worked for me. Meaning, I climaxed quite nicely with it each time.

Favorite Aspect: The flexible and very strong SHAFT (you're damn right). This feature eliminates the VCT that I sometimes suffer from with my other vibrators. What is VCT you ask? Why, Vibrator Carpel Tunnel of course. Come'on ladies, you know what I'm talking about. You're laying on your back in bed holding your trusty vibe on your lady parts and your hand starts cramping up because its curved forward and down into an awkward position so you have to switch but that's not as good because its not your preferred hand so you can't get the angle just right and then fuck, THAT hand starts cramping up and you get frustrated and throw in the towell and decided to go eat some cake instead. Really? I cannot be the only one who suffers from this syndrome occasionally. All I'm sayin' is that the SHAFT (can ya dig it?) eliminates this problem because you can manuever it into whatever position is most comfy and just go to town, VCT FREE!

Suggested Improvements: Detachable heads in different shapes and sizes for the SHAFT (right on) would be awesome. The egg as it is works sufficiently but I could achieve a much stronger orgasm with some silicone-esque rabbit ears or something a little smaller that can really pinpoint my clit. Also, a bit stronger vibration would be nice.

Overall, a good addition to my collection of adult toys. Happy playing!



  1. Great review, I decided to buy it and use it in different ways
    of that suggested by you .. try as we say that the stimulator
    anal:) p thanks!!

  2. Now see, I didn't even think of that! Perfect! Have fun!

  3. Her and Him: We've been poking around your blog and you've posted on another blog of mine (Her). We just read your 101 Things about you and I think we're in love. :) You are the bomb!

  4. Loved the "jiggle your internal business" bit. :)