Friday, June 3, 2011

Like Stella (minus the abs)

My sex drive has been MIA the past few months. Until today. Mr. Man and I had furious passionate sex twice today. And I'm feeling a lil' of my sexy coming back. Maybe its because I started running again a few weeks ago and am slowly beginning to feel better about my body and what it can do. Or maybe its because I haven't had my daily morning dose of processed chemicals in the form of two Poptarts in over a month. Who cares anyway? Zee is returning.


  1. Your absence has been noted and missed.

    It's never easy getting back into that workout routine, good for you for making it happen.

  2. There's something in pop tarts and other processed foods that starts to erode you from the inside, slowly and hardly noticeable except after a long term. I am speaking as a processed food addict (with access to a large free supply at work).


    Keep running!!

  3. Poor Poptarts, they always get a bad rap!
    Welcome to the rollercoaster of life as I like to call it.
    Ups and downs. The Ups are way more fun.
    Glad to see you got your groove back. Yay you!

  4. It's amazing if you put the right things in your body, it does make you feel good.