Friday, February 3, 2012

bang bang bang...bullet style

  • The Sweetest Compliment of the Week Award goes to a friend who said this after seeing a picture of me..."Nice. Such a great smile on you, you look truly happy." It doesn't get much better than that. 
  • People need to chill the fuck out. Thank you Babble, for at least opening up a discussion about this...Open Marriage Isn't So Bad 
  • The new babysitter is working out great! Mr. Man and I had a fabulous outing last weekend with friends and have another one scheduled in a couple of weeks. Perhaps back to the strip club?
  • I'm tired of feeling like I ought to apologize for not being that Miss Goody Two Shoes I used to be back in the day. Sorry to shit all over your fairytale fantasy.
  • I had phone sex with Jr. High the other day. Completely unplanned, impromptu and spontaneous. Hadn't talked to him in months. Score: 7 outta 10.
  • Sometimes I feel like this blog is no longer my own place to be brutally honest. Not a fan of the self-imposed filter. Hello there paper journal in my panty drawer.
  • I'm not excited about 1/2 marathon weekend coming up in a couple of months and being surrounded by people who will do what I had dreamed of doing until my injury. The positive side is that I am giving someone else the opportunity to run it who otherwise wouldn't.
  • Life is pretty great and I'm a lucky girl.
  • Check out this old school vibrator I stumbled on in a local vintage shop...sweet right? But I still think I'll stick with my trusty rabbit.


  1. Woah, that thing looks dangerous. And thanks for the Babble link. I'm a sucker for positive (and down-to-earth) experiences of open relationships.

    1. You're welcome. And for the record, I think Newt is a complete asshole but he had little to do with the piece...and the comments of readers at the end...oh man...good stuff...

  2. Bella,

    I have resisted the temptation to invite tell anyone I know about my blog. This way, I do not need to self filter. Keep posting :)

    Mr. No Name

  3. Ok that vibrator looks like something you should buff the car with. I love to see this thing in action with someone just for shits and giggles.