Saturday, March 3, 2012

How bad?

You just don't want it bad enough.
That was said to me tonight and its not the first time those exact words have been directed at me. I think it can apply to many different situations. If you want something bad enough, you figure out a way to get it, right? Is that always true? I mean, lets be real, some things just aren't possible are they? Some people try and try and do everything within their power to get what they want and it just never happens for them. Or to them. But if you don't try you're guaranteeing failure. And yet, the fear of failure is what keeps many people from trying. Its totally fucked up if you think about it too hard. (Which I never do, can you tell?)


  1. I know that same feeling all too well. I fear failure so why try when I know I'm gonna fail. It's stupid but it's how my brain works, but knowing it, is the first step in fixing it

  2. I don't know if it applies to what you're talking about, but I have gone through several important life changes, and am in the process of doing at least a couple others. Yesterday I was reflecting on probably the most important one. And I can tell you that, had I not taken the decision to go after my dreams 16 years ago, everything that defines me today would not be there.

  3. Bella,

    Sometimes wanting it bad is not enough. My first attempt at a career, that I thought I really wanted, failed miserably. It all worked out in the end, but wanting it bad was not enough to overcome the fact I was not capable of doing what was required to succeed in that discipline.

    That being said, many people have a fear of failure. I try to remember that there is often little difference between trying and failing and never trying in the first place.

    Mr. No Name