Sunday, March 17, 2013

ok blogger

I am not about to go out like this. I have sexy shit to tell the world. So much so, that I have been too busy to write about it. But various posts are brewing and stewing in my brain and will be put to the keyboard asap.

I am not happy that I haven't yet continued my recap of my fabulous girly-love experience with Frances. I even set a goal of posting more about that over the weekend and yes, I failed miserably at achieving it. Shut up. It will happen this week or I will die trying. And if you follow me on twitter, which you should totally do by the way (@notTHATbella), you would know that Mr. Man and I have had separate sexy time with a local married couple, and I have permission to write about that as well. HOT HOT HOT.

Anyway, I just wrote this to say that I'm about to make Blogger my bitch. Stay tuned.



  1. We are all anxiously awaiting the report. I look forward to hearing about it from your point of view as well as Frances's. :)

    Hi, by the way. She sent me over here when I wanted to know more about you.

    -- PB

  2. That's right, you show Blogger who's boss. :-)

    Looking forward to reading all about it!