Wednesday, October 2, 2013


God, I want to smack that smile off your face.
Yes please, I dare you.
I like it when you dare me.
It's easy to dare you from here.
If we are ever together again...I'll remind you of that dare. Over and over and over. Hard.
Uh huh. You think you remember how I like it?
Oh I remember. Well. On the table. Floor. Bed. Car.
Bathroom counter. Bathtub. Window.
Oh fuck...the chair...
How could you forget the chair??!!
So fucking good. Your body was made for me to control...I want to bite your tits, twist them, smack them, suck them. Then make you jerk me off on them and make you lick it all up.
Moans. So fucking hot. Send me a picture of your cock today? Pretty please?
Oh? Miss me today?
Maaaaaybe. Is that ok with you?
Very ok.
I would love to get my mouth on that cock again. I want to make you cum all over my glasses.
Then I'll make you lick them clean with that amazing tongue.
I need to be that girl..collared and leashed and serving cock.
MY cock. Get it right slut.
I'm sorry.
Fuck right you're sorry That's gonna be a hard spanking lesson.
You're making my wet pussy ache this morning. I need a spanking so fucking bad.
Oh, it's gonna ache. After I'm done spanking your clit and fucking you hard.
I hope I'm sore for days after. Constantly reminded of your hand on my ass and pussy and you fucking me relentlessly.
That is exactly how you should always think of me. Fucking always. I still need to fuck your sweet ass.
Yeah you do. Although I'm pretty sure you'll have to tie or hold me down to get it. Not that I don't like that, mind you.
Not a fucking problem. Whatever it takes to put my cock in.
I love how you talk to me.
Of course you do. You're my fuck slut. Those are my holes to abuse.


  1. That is insanely hot!!! Such and descriptive bold writing. You sure got me horny!

  2. I'll second that - insanely hot!