Wednesday, January 8, 2014

things i can't say anywhere else

  • why is it so difficult to find a local girl for a playmate? 
  • sometimes a man will say something to me that literally makes me dizzy, in a good way
  • i want to finish the story in the post below but am not particularly inspired at the moment
  • mr. man and i have a babysitter and a date on friday...there will be sex
  • i am attracting musicians and artsy types lately
  • i feel like i need clarification on our "rules" and what's allowed and what's not
  • i feel like a fat cow
  • i want to have sex but don't want anyone to see me naked because, see above bullet
  • i need to replace my dead vibrator
  • i miss burlesque

1 comment:

  1. If the pictures you post are of you you are anything but a "fat cow" Practice replacing that image of yourself you have in your head.
    Hope the Friday night date with Mr. Man is a winner.
    Yes it is hard to find a local female playmate who does not come with a partner.