Wednesday, April 23, 2014

delicious frustration

Found this in my drafts and figured I'd finish it up and publish it. 

I went over to Aaron's place on Wednesday during my lunch hour.  We hadn't seen each other in about a month so we had a nice chat and got caught up. We are both very busy people and when I think about it, its amazing that we're able to find the time to play as often as we do. Hooray for jobs in the city and lunch hour trysts!

I was hungry for his cock (don't look so surprised) and we soon found our way to the bedroom where clothes were immediately deemed a nuisance and shed. We have similar sexual scenarios that we hope to fulfill and talk of those fueled us.

I found myself first on top of him, his fingers inside me while I desperately thrust against his hand. And then, he was on top, teasing my wet opening with the tip of his length. A man can frustrate me in the most delicious of ways by being on top of me and inside of me, but not fucking me as hard or as fast as I want. Or even more so, by teasing me with the very tip and only entering me part way. Fuck. It makes me crazy. And desperate. Aaron did that today and it was so incredibly hot. He was in control of when to climax and being pinned beneath him, I couldn't do anything about it. He teased me, perhaps unintentionally but it served to make me beg him with my eyes. Had he been privy to rough play I would have bitten the shit out of him, but I managed to control that urge and only nip at his neck and whimper. He finally gave me what I was craving and I felt him pulsing inside of me.

I'll take that kind of frustration any day. 


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