Wednesday, April 16, 2014

dirty talk

It had been a minute since I've engaged in a steamy sexting session that culminated in actually having an orgasm. Sexting is kind of meh for me and usually I can take it or leave it. But sometimes...sometimes I'm in just the right mood or he will say just the right thing and I'm a goner.

Enter Cash the other night. I texted to check on him as I saw on Facebook where he'd had an um, incident occur at his home. That dude has the weirdest shit happen to him. Its truly bizarre. He's fine by the way but will be able to add another crazy story to his already expansive repertoire.

Anyway, one thing led to another and talk of a visit came up, as it always does and then, well, steaminess happened. As steamy as you can get over the phone anyway. Fantasies talked about and planned, pictures exchanged, and beautiful messiness occurred.

Yes, definitely a goner.  A panting, sweating, writhing, scream-stifling goner.

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