Saturday, May 24, 2014

Meet Ethan.

I never really thought I'd be into that whole "older woman, younger man" thing but as I should know by now, never say never.

"Ethan" contacted me on OkC and we had perfectly lovely conversation for several emails. While I ignore most of the messages I get from that site, there are a few that stand out and pique my interest. Ethan's did. He asked me out for drinks and thus began my more intense questioning of him. I am always interested in hearing a man's reason for contacting a married woman. I mean, I'm not stupid, I know what this is primarily about, but I like to see how men express it, as it gives me some basic insight into their attitude and honestly, helps me gauge what my gut feeling is going to be towards them.

I was doubly interested in Ethan's answers because he's eleven years younger than I. So, what pray tell, does a handsome 20-something want with an older married mom? *wink wink* His answer was honest and intriguing and I decided to meet him for drinks with the option for whatnot later.

He was first to the restaurant and my initial impression as I approached him was "hello young and handsome". He was quite the gentleman and very unassuming, which I liked. We had a few drinks and nice conversation. As with Aaron, I could tell within a few minutes that I liked this guy (I want to call him "kid" but I feel like that's insulting as he's not THAT young), and should he want to take things further, I was fully on board.

There's always that point in the conversation where you have to finally get to the crux of the matter and see if the other person is still interested after meeting in real life. My line to find that out was, "so, what's the plan Stan?". I am brilliantly sly, aren't I? His response was something like "well, I would like to continue the evening." I had my answer. We had previously discussed the logistics of just this scenario should it get to that point and a plan was quickly devised and a hotel chosen.

I have welcomed this stage in my life where the first time with a man is no longer something to be nervous about; its less of an awkward experience and way more like a sort of anticipatory opening of a delicious erotic package. I may lack confidence in many areas, but my sexual abilities and prowess are not one of them. I don't think Ethan was disappointed and I know I certainly wasn't. He was strong and virile and I'll just be honest and say, he wore me out. I was enamored by his arms and shoulders. Broad and sturdy. Plus the armband tattoo around one bicep didn't hurt any. We went through four condoms to the best of my memory and I was delightfully sore the next day. We'd fuck, then cuddle, then fuck again. Whew, those arms....

We finally slept for a bit and then it was time for the old lady with the early morning familial duties to get back home. I knew I'd be exhausted the next day and I was not wrong. Worth it? Definitely. I hope to see him again and we are working on that. Matching up schedules is always the biggest barrier it seems. He's a sweet, sexy, charming man and will be a prize catch for some lucky lady sooner or later. Until then, I'm available to be the Mrs. Robinson to his Benjamin.



  1. Delightfully sore is certainly the sign of a good night!

    1. Hahaha! That is a very good gauge isn't it? ;)