Saturday, July 11, 2015

"swinger's vacation", Part I

"I can't believe I'm going on my first swinger's vacation!" Frances cracks me up.

I was pretty anxious about a few issues. What if Mr. Man and Frances didn't hit it off in person? What if Frances's hubs (Bruno) and my hubs didn't get along? What if we were all stuck together for five days in a hot mess of awkward? Someone should tell me to stop being such a worry-puss. Because I'm happy to report that it went as great as a vacation of this sort could possibly go.

Frances and Bruno, arrived at our vacation city a day ahead of us, secured a rental car, and were kind enough to pick Mr. Man and I up at the airport. It'd been a while since I'd seen either of them and I was SO excited. The reunion was lovely and the four of us eased into conversation smoothly.

The sequence of events is jumbly in my brain and let's be honest, you're not here to read about our site seeing excursions. And believe it or not, we did a LOT of site seeing and exploring around town, just like any other group of friends who aren't swapping partners after vanilla vacation activities are over.
The ground rules were pretty four of us playing in the same room, and I was totally on board with that. Besides, we stayed in a kitchy hotel and our rooms were just a few doors down from each other so room switching was very convenient. But sadly, I can't report first hand on what went on between Mr. Man and Frances. I guess I will have to suggest that she write about that experience herself. Wink wink. 

Bruno surprised me by putting some moves on me first. I mean, we'd been together before but this still caught me off guard and was incredibly sweet. He and I went out to run a benign errand to CVS or some such and once back in the car, he caught me off guard and proceeded to lay one on me...the sweetest softest kiss. I repayed him later with a move of my own in the alley between the hotel and swimming pool. 
Spontaneous kissing with your bestie's husband is fun. 


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  1. Awesome and I am so delighted you all had a fantastic time.

    -- PB