Sunday, August 2, 2015

"swinger's vacation", Part II

Can we talk about cock for a minute? Huge, smooth, curved, hard, did I mention huge, cock. Bruno's cock is in the top 3 all time best cocks in the universe of cock. Cock cock cock cock cock.

Bruno and I came back from our drug store errand and knocked on our hotel room door. Frances answered with very suspicious sex hair and Mr. Man looked quite relaxed lounging on the bed. Ahem. I'm guessing a hot and heavy make out session was interrupted. Maybe she'll tell you about it one day.

I don't want to give a play by play but suffice it to say that Bruno and I fucked more than once in one of the hotel rooms while Frances and Mr. Man had their fun in the other. Have I said that Bruno is a skilled and not to mention, patient man? On our first sexual encounter several months ago, he, by some miracle, made me cum by fingering me. And on this vacation rendezvous, he performed an Olympic gold medal worthy round of cunnilingus which resulted in me climaxing in his mouth. No one has ever been able to do either of those without the aid of toys, except Mr. Man. It's quite an accomplishment folks, as I am the most difficult cummer ever. Needless to say I was very impressed. I'll have to make him a t-shirt or something.

After a few days in vacation-ville, we all made the flight to Mr. Man's and my home where a few more lazy days were spent by the pool and nights in the upstairs "sex cave".  It was pretty cute because we planned it out really well so that Bruno and I could go out on a date night about town and Mr. Man and Frances could go out on a different night. (Planning was necessary due to a kid at home and babysitting budget already blown from being out of town.) I took Bruno to a sports bar and we watched the NBA Finals, Game something-or-other and then we headed downtown for a walk amongst the city at night. It was a beautiful night complete with a million percent humidity and random fireworks over the stadium. Just for us I'd like to think.

This trip did not disappoint in any way, and not one of my many worries were necessary. I love when good friends become good friends with benefits and traveling to cool places together and sharing our homes with each other becomes a thing. I also love that my husband and I give each other this freedom.

Because really, wouldn't it be great if everyone could just...
Be as freaky and delightful as you want to be.  - Kate Bornstein



  1. Love the quote! Love the recap of your adventures too, obviously!