Sunday, November 8, 2015


In my usual non-timely we go. 

A bit about Alex. First of all, she is sort of a co-worker. Big OOPS, right? Mixing Business Bella with Kinky Bella was not something I ever thought I would do. Then again, neither is pretty much anything I've ever written about on this blog but hey, here we are. Never say never folks.

I think of Alex as a woman absent of fear and full of positive energy. She gives exactly zero fucks about the status quo and speaks her mind on all of the things. She's an interesting yin to my yang. Alex and I started hanging out a bit and hit it off right away. Things reached a whole new level at the burlesque show we attended with a group of friends. I met her boyfriend, Tyler who is a complete package of sexy goodness and it was a night of debauchery and general fun all around. I can't remember exactly when, but at some point in all of this, I came out to Alex as being in an open marriage and hetero-flexible and the flood gates were opened. Turns out, we had similar interests. Go figure.

I started going to the park with Alex and Tyler for lunch and we'd have what I like to call, "panty-less picnics". A blanket, skirts, no panties and some serious fondling making for afternoons of torturous squirming in my chair in damp panties. These outings happened a few times and served to whet the appetite for more. We talked about having a sleepover but it took a while for schedules and my fickle mojo to mesh. Then they did and it was worth the wait.


Alex is looking all adorable and cuddly on the couch when I walk in her door and I join her to chat and laugh and do what girls do in these situations. Tyler gets home, sees us on the couch and I'm pretty sure I saw neon lights and happy dances happening in his head as he realized that this was finally going down. It was cute because we had already agreed that if I was ever at their house that he was just going to go for it with no beating around the bush, so to speak. I do like a man with a plan. He disappeared for a bit but then joined us at the couch and as expected, wasted no time. His hands were on us and ours were on each other, touching and tasting and feeling. The couch was not going to cut it. We needed room to romp yo. Tyler urged us off the couch, grabbed the hem of my dress and I took Alex's hand and we pulled each other up the stairs to the bedroom and onto a bed the size of Texas.

The transition was effortless. As Tyler made love to Alex, I played with her perfect breasts and long soft hair, two of my favorite things about her physically. The two of them are lovely to watch and you can tell how much they love and appreciate each other. He thanked her more than once for allowing this night to happen and that's not something that I've witnessed in the handful of threesomes I've been a part of. It was sweet, respectful, and appropriate.'re doing it right my friend, in my opinion anyway.

He fucked Alex for a while and then switched over to me. I don't know how the man did it but he repeated this cycle of taking turns with both of us throughout the evening.  I prefer an assertive and confident lover and Tyler was definitely both of those. He knew what position he wanted me in and was not afraid to put me there. Nor was he afraid to pull my hair a bit or put a hand to my throat. Fuck, I have missed that.

A firecracker on a daily basis for sure, but Alex has a very sweet way in bed. She does this thing where she touches me so softly and caresses my face and looks at me with such intensity that it makes me almost shy. At one point she pleasured me by using one of her favorite toys on me and it was so very erotic to watch her between my legs. She has a way, that one.

I love the noises of sex. Alex's whispers in my ear while Tyler licked my wet pussy. The hum of her vibrator as it teased me. Moans of pleasure being given and received. Cries of climax, mine being very loud as is my way. Flesh meeting flesh over and over again. Sharp intakes of breath at the feel of Tyler's fantastic cock entering and thrusting inside us.

I also love a good after party. When sex is over, or there's a break and you all cuddle in the bed together and eat strawberries and watch Fargo and talk about why it was so critically acclaimed and say "Oh Jeez" over and over again and laugh every time. A little behind the scenes extra...two of the three of us may have fallen asleep and two of the three may or may not snore pretty loudly, but I will not mention any names. The night was comfortable, sexy, fun, exciting, hot, and not at all awkward or weird. All of the things you want these encounters to be.

The office is a much more interesting place these days. I won't lie and say that I don't see Alex down the hall or in a meeting and have flashbacks of the two of us naked and rolling around in bed with her man. And my eyes do tend to wander over her body and down the front of her dress while discussing very important company matters.  I will have a bit of pleasure with my business, thank you very much.


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  1. That was a perfect description of events. They sound like a great couple. The pantiless picnics sound like something more people should do!