Saturday, November 17, 2018

WTF happened?

Life man, that's what.

My personal computer died and I'm gifting myself a new one for Christmas. Posting via mobile is just the pits, so there's that.

I switched jobs, an entire career actually; it's time consuming and fucking great.

I see LL the most these days I guess (just yesterday self...whoa), and a few others for the occasional tryst. There have definitely been some hills and valleys over the past several months in terms of my sex life and my priorities. I actually hadn't met anyone new in ages until a few weeks ago, but I'm not writing about that just yet.

Mr. Man and I are good lately and planning another trip to see Frances and Bruno in January.  Rawr.

Overall, life is great, and I'm still me. Just a bit older and a bit more awesome.


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