Saturday, March 13, 2010


So, as I type this, Mr. Jr. High (yeah, Cast of Characters definitely needed) is online. He's boring me tonght. Maybe its because I'm tired from driving all day. It was a great day, just exhausting. I'm unwinding now with my HGTV and some popcorn. And the internet of course.

Ok, I spoke too soon, Mr. Jr. High just made me laugh.

I had an interesting text conversation with Jake last night. I can't figure out if he's fucking with me or actually WANTS to fuck me. Ha. There is about a 1% chance that he will be off work on Friday and I'll get a ride on his bike. Um, euphemism much? Heehee. But seriously, he has a hot bike that I have been dying to get on for ages. So cross your fingers for me y'all?

As if to contradict my statement in a prior post about the lack of sex I've been having lately, Mr. Man and I had super hot, extra spicy, spectacularly dirty lovin' last night. The dirty talk was intoxicating and the sexiness....well, perfect. I love him so very very much.

Oh shit, just remembered the time changes tonight doesn't it? Which means, I'm out.



  1. I don't know Jake but I'm willing to bet he wants to fuck you.

    Just a guess

  2. My friend calls it 'mind fucking'. I get so confused!