Tuesday, December 30, 2014

interlude over

I hope your holidays were lovely and sexy and at least a little bit naughty. A couple months break from this space has been good, but now I feel like writing again.

Real life is busy and the sexy life hasn't been quite as much of a priority lately, although I did have a great night with Ethan a few weeks ago that left me sore and sated for a bit. More on that another time though.

I'm bracing for post December/New Years because that's when I get a whole lotta antsy and the restlessness hits peak levels. I plan to fill the coming months with friends and fun, healthy things. January will see me taking a new yoga class, enjoying some burlesque and ramping up my running.

I'm excited to seek out fresh outlets, sexual and otherwise. We're gonna look at it as a chance for new adventures and not something to simply "get through".

For now, here's a leg selfie.


  1. Welcome back, sexy lady, it's nice to see you again!

    Love those legs :-)

  2. Seeing life as an adventure not an obstacle is an excellent midset. Keep it up!

    Like those gams keep other things up.