Saturday, January 3, 2015

what just happened?

I passed on going to Cash's tonight for reasons that are legit, but sound lame now and make me feel really old. Here's a list.
  • I would have had to get out of a cozy warm bed and change from comfy leggings and an ill-fitting tank into something sufficiently alluring
  • He lives 45 minutes away and I'd already driven 100+ miles today
  • I knew I'd be there all damn night and would be miserably tired tomorrow because I have a child who doesn't care (and shouldn't) about mom's booty calls. In other words, sleeping in for the amount of recovery time I'd need is not an option.
  • The prep was overwhelming and would've taken over an hour...shower, shave legs/armpits/naughty bits, fix hair, do makeup, get dressed
  • Prep time, one hour +. Drive time, approx. 2 hours round trip. That equals 3 hours of lameness for about 5 hours of sex and conversation. I suppose that's not bad but I wasn't feeling those odds tonight.
I told him I might could come over tomorrow afternoon, but I have work on Monday and couldn't stay past a reasonable hour.

I would like to turn in my responsible adult card immediately.

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