Friday, January 16, 2015

That wood. Those lips.

Recent text conversation...Me: Whatcha doing? Him: Tired. Just chopped wood for the past three hours. Me: Swoon What is it about a man doing rugged, manly (albeit stereotypical) things that is so fucking sexy? Who cares really, it just is.

I was practically on my way to the above wood chopper's house a couple of Sunday afternoons ago (well, I'd showered and shaved, which is half the battle) and a family issue came up on his end so I just put on my jammies and hopped into bed with a book. Still a good night, if not as sexy of one as I had anticipated. We'll make up for it another time.

Know what's also sexy? Womanly things like a set of full, luscious, biteable, lickable, pouty lips. That's what. Here's mine.

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