Saturday, March 20, 2010

quiet time

Sidenote: Thanks much to 13 for letting me know my comments were broken. Some setting I had to reconfigure. Damn Blogger. Anyway, its fixed now.

It's Saturday night and I'm bored. I have a glass of wine in hand and the house is silent as all humans and pets are asleep but me. While I do like this quiet alone time, sometimes it makes me more restless than peaceful. My mind tends to wander in all sorts of places and wistful thoughts intrude.

Perhaps I'll have sweet dreams to match my wine.



  1. Well I'm glad he did, I tried to comment 4 or 5 times.

    I also tried to email you 3 times @
    And those all came back as a bad addy!

    I struck out all the way around. Anyway great pic on the post below.

  2. sweet dreams, sweet lady......again, I'd love to be in one of juicy dreams. just think of me as the guy who is willing to go anywhere with you sexually...if it is hot, naughty, edgy, kinky, sweet, tender, intense, public, risky dream about it with me (and others, if it excites you)...Bob