Sunday, March 21, 2010

come cuddle with me

Its been raining all day here. Slow cold drizzle. After a couple of days of very pleasant weather that got all of us Southerners excited about spring, here comes a temperature drop and sogginess. But spring will be here soon enough and we'll whip out the shorts, flip flops and get to show some sexy skin. Seems like its been ages since I've worn a swishy skirt with bare legs and sandals. I'm itching to restock my spring/summer wardrobe with sundresses, tanks, skirts and things that bare smooth shoulders.

The weekend has been nice. Lazy and quiet and uneventful. Well, except for the idiotic ruckus I've caused upon returning from the hair salon. Sigh.

There's stupid hair drama here and the fact that it is hair drama makes me roll my eyes and get all irritated. The short of it (haha) is that I got a crazy ass hairdo (crazier than normal), a black cherry purplish color underneath and bright blond on top. Usually it's just purply with blond chunks but for some reason, this redistribution of the lighter color has started The Great Hair Battle of 2010. My mother says I have to dye it a "normal" color before a job interview that I have next week. Mr. Man agrees. My friends are split. Some say "it's kickass, leave it alone, be your own person". Others say "I know it sucks but it's just too much for your workplace and you don't want to jeopardize getting this new job because of your hair".

God, I hate logical thinkers. If I lived outside the damn Bible Belt I think I'd be fine. It's so lame that I have to worry about where my tattoos go on my body or the color of my hair or how crazy my makeup is. Its stifling but seems to be the reality of where I reside and where I work. And so, I imagine there will be a trip to the store later tonight for a box of boring brown hairdye. Fuckers. Further confirmation that I don't belong here because I have to force who I am into the appropriate box. I shoulda been a starving artist or some such. Again, fuckers.

Well, I didn't mean for this to turn into an entire post about my stupid hair! Ha! Oh well. Anyway. The two hour nap I had earlier today was so yummy that I'm tempted to crawl back under the covers for round two. But instead I'll get off the laptop and go rejoin my sweet family for the rest of this drizzly evening. But maybe tonight...tonight, maybe there will be cuddling involved...cuddling with me and my crazy ass hair.


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