Thursday, March 18, 2010

something sexy

I should really get in the shower before Mr. Man gets home from the gym. Tonight is a rare occasion, i.e., he's not tired tonight and it would seem that he is feeling froggy. And so I hope to give him a sexy time and send him to bed for another good night's rest.

Me, I'll probably be up late tonight since I'm off tomorrow. I'm becoming a night owl. That's the nice way to say I'm becoming an insomniac. But I'm pretty good at entertaining myself, and sometimes others, when I can't sleep. 13, I'm looking at you babe. Ahem.

Tomorrow was supposed to be the day I finally got a ride on Jake's bike. But as per our usual, things went awry and he called me sounding awful. Sick as the proverbial dog. Poor guy. Its ok though. Now that I know what his intentions are, I'm kind of good with waiting for the perfect time to unleash my sexy self on him. And the anticipation is part of the excitement isn't it? Uh, we are still talking about motorcycles here right? Heh.

So anyway, I'm not sure what kind of trouble I'll find for myself tomorrow. Right now it looks like it might be some serious painting of the bathroom since its due another coat. And doesn't that sound like a good time y'all?

Have a lovely evening everyone. I'm going to go get myself dolled up a bit and suck my man's phenomenal cock.



  1. hey blogger, you are annoying. this is a test of my comments...

  2. Problem fixed. Now I can tell you how sexy you are.

  3. sweet sound so sexy and naughty when you say you are going to suck your man's "phenomenal cock"......good girl, milk it dry and fall off to sleep with a belly full of cum