Sunday, March 21, 2010

strip club, upcoming hotness & bedtime

We have scored a babysitter for this Friday night!!!! I'm thinking strip club...Mr. Man? What do you think baby? My naive lil' self has never been to one so I want to experience a somewhat classy club where there are other females there as patrons...Must research this before Friday...Regardless, its gonna be DATE NIGHT! YES!

In other news, Mr. Man has something super sexy hot coming up but I'm not sure if he is ok with me spilling the juiciness here just yet...I think I'm as excited about it for him as he is!

I suppose I'll put myself to bed now as I have an early date with some bastard named Gym. Oh, btw, I did go purchase dark brown haircolor...but it is still in the box for now...bwahahahahahahah...

And now, to find something to read to ease myself into sleep. Hopefully.



  1. Hope your date night is FUN!
    Sweet dreams lovely Bella.

  2. Have fun. Great photo.

  3. I enjoy going to strip clubs occassionally with my Sir or with our friends. We always have fun discussing what we find attractive in others which leads to talks of fantasies. We even will argue on which girl we'll talk to or have a lap dance with(cause its usually only 1 or 2 tops). Usually the dancers dont approach the couples (at our club) unless signaled that the couple wishes them to. They focus on the single males or groups of people. We usually do see several other couples and women there. Rarely have we had a negative experience at the strip club. The most common complaint is that its too packed to sit sometimes. I say go for it!!

  4. Im going to be stopping by a lot I think

  5. I would love to take MY wife to a strip club, but that will never happen.

    Hope you had fun.