Thursday, May 13, 2010

and so...

First of all, the thigh highs...

We broke them in properly a bit ago. It kind of cracks me up because my legs are so long that they don't come up as high on me as they do on the package pic. Dammit, don't they make these things in "tall" sizes? But anyway. They're fun.

Here's my continued thoughts on today...

On the plus side, she's funny, attractive, sexy, outgoing. I'm/we are definitely interested in pursuing some fun with her and she made it clear that she is as well. So, yay!

On the negative side, I'm not sure her relationship with her husband is the best. I don't want to go into details really, but I do wish we could have met him today to get a better read on that. Its something we'll keep an eye on and hopefully everyone will communicate.

Mr. Man may see her tomorrow but we'll see if that transpires.

Vague enough for you? Heh. I'm tired and snotty and must get to bed. Why? Because I have a job interview tomorrow, that's why bitches! Send me good karma and vibes at 1:30 CST tomorrow um'kay?



  1. its only fair, that pic sent good vibes to my pants, so I will send you good work vibes tommorrow!!!!

  2. lovely shot!! best of luck on your interview. :)

  3. Woot woot. They look awesome! and I hope the deal works out and is excellent!

  4. Oh I hear ya on the size of things... pantyhose are a nightmare to buy. I'm short, but have ample hips and tummy so I usually put a runner in them on the first attempt at getting them up all the way. LOL

    Your thigh highs sure do look like fun.

  5. They look better on you than in the package.
    Good luck with the interview.

  6. very nice, we´re following you Bella..

  7. The thigh-almost-highs look very nice on you ;-)

    I'd be wary of couple where you suspect the relationship isn't that great- Veronica and I have gotten caught in another couples drama before and it's an experience we'd rather not repeat. I hope it works out for you!

  8. Hubman, yeah, I'm cautious and wary. Good advice. Not sure where this is going, if anywhere.