Wednesday, June 9, 2010

home again home again jiggity jig

So, I'm home. And tired. But home. And happy to be here. I didn't get to explore like I would have liked to but there's always another time.

I didn't find a playmate to help me make the most out of that big plush kingsize bed so the best I could do at entertaining myself was to take some pictures and masturbate. So, not a total loss. Heh. I'll space the pics out over a few posts but here's one for now.

I have much catching up to do on blog reading, some writing I want to do, not to mention work and other personal stuff. I seem to always be behind. I should probably just embrace that fact.

But for now, bed.


  1. love the hands



  2. mmmm I likey this one! Very hot

    xoxo, crystal

  3. It's a shame you didn't have any company, but it looks like you put the time to good use! Great pic!

  4. ...and speaking of behind, I like yours


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  6. this is definitely my second favorite pic of all the ones you sent me. So sexy. So inviting. So many things are being said in the pic.

  7. You know, if you waited an hour or so, you could have called this an HNT post ;-p

    Lookin' good, I'm glad you had a good trip and are happy to be back home!

  8. Welcome home.. and thanks for remembering your faithful readers by taking time out to take us a sexy pic!!!

  9. I seem to always be behind...........

    and what a beautiful behind it is!!! I don't think you loked very hard for a bed mate!

    Awesome pics girl.