Friday, July 16, 2010

let's talk about the sex. finally. Part III

So where was I? Oh yes, all is going well, we get along, we like each other, easy conversation happening, nice meal, etc etc. But now the awkwardess kicks in. As we are all sitting in the living room talking about...god, I don't even remember what we were talking about, normal chit-chatty stuff I guess...I'm thinking, how do I get these people to stop the madness and get naked together? Why this task fell to me, I'm not sure. But it did. I mean, we all knew they didn't fly hundreds of miles to sit around discussing the differences between northerners and southerners or the weather.

You know how your grandma used to round up the kids at family dinners? "Ok, kids, dinner is ready, y'all come on now!" That's kind of what I did. I say something to the effect of "I'm going to the bedroom, you all can join me if you want". Note to C-Man: I know your memory is like a freakin' movie camera so feel free to correct me on anything I get wrong.

And you know what? Damned if they didn't follow me into the bedroom! But I mean really, who wouldn't? So now what? Luckily for me at this point I have no shame and so I ask M if I can kiss her. What better way to kick things off than with some girl on girl action right? Next thing you know I AM KISSING A GIRL!!!! And we're giggling a bit and kissing some more. The boys are watching and I'm wondering what they're thinking and wondering if M is liking my mouth on hers because I sure like hers on mine. Its a whirlwind of thoughts in my scattered brain.

M and I break apart and everyone somehow ends up on the bed and honestly, its kind of a blur. Since I know I won't get it right as far as who was with who first, who licked who's pussy first and when, who came first, etc etc, I'm not gonna do a play-by-play so to speak. It was surreal and crazy and a total "I-can't-believe-this-is-happening-this-must-be-a-dream-and-I'm-gonna-wake-up-at-any-second-and-have-to-go-pee" kind of feeling.

One of many things that stick in my mind about that first group fuck session is me looking over at Mr. Man while M is fucking and sucking him. I loved watching his face while another woman pleasured him. And let me tell you something, M has got mad bedroom skilz! Those crazy kids tired me out just watching them! But I digress.

Let's talk about C-Man for a bit shall we? He loves to kiss and is quite good at it. He also loves to fuck and is quite good at that too. The first time he fucked me, he was on top. He's strong and powerful and knows his way around a woman's body. That's the way I would describe sex with C-Man...powerful. I like powerful. And I might just have a wicked grin on my face as I type this. Mr. Man said later how hot it was looking into each others eyes as I was being taken by another man. He's so right. Wow.

We drove our new friends to the hotel that afternoon and we joined them the next day to continue our weekend of debauchery.  I do want to write more about the weekend later as there is much more to tell. The dynamic of M and my threesomes with the boys, in separate rooms. How it felt and how I feel about being with another woman. Why and if we'll do this again. Those kinds of things. Make no mistake, the emotional side of all of this is staggering. Luckily for us, they are good emotions in a large part due to finding another couple that we genuinely like as friends, enjoy hanging out with and can talk to about the weather, as well as fuck. The ultimate friends with benefits situation.

Y'all have a sexy weekend!



  1. Bella

    I am so happy for you, turned on and jealous of C-man......

  2. Wait til she gets to the good stuff H :)

    Great post Bella, well said. M and I will have ours out soon, with both our view points. You guys are awesome.

  3. Loved reading this.

    I'm a group sex virgin so your descriptions are very exciting to me. It's interesting you mention the emotional side of the situation as I only ever really thought of the physical. I guess you'd need your significant other to be completely at one with you on the subject. In many ways I could see this lifestyle making a relationship even stronger. I eagerly anticipate further installments (and those of hornynecouple too!)



  4. Fabulous recount. I loved reading this!

  5. That you all connected on a friends level is definitely a good thing. My y'all have many more "visits'!

  6. This all sounds so intriguing. Hope to hear more.

  7. Hi Bella,

    What I find interesting in your experience is that just a few weeks ago you were talking about you and your hubby as would-be swingers but not even close to being ready for such a place yet. However you were able to have this wonderful threesome and foursome experience with another couple.

    I've been thinking about this lately. I used to think that going to a swingers club was a step toward having threesomes and foursomes. But now I realize that there is a reason why going to a swingers club seems like a daunting proposition when She and I talk about it, whereas finding people to have sexual experiences in a private setting seems much more doable and is actually how we had our first threesome.

    Love your posts, as always, and nice redesign!

  8. Okay. I'm finally catching up! First post down, now off to the next! The M's. Then Mr.Cs. Holy hell, am I behind!!

    And this sounds like a perfect, wonderful, sexy, relaxed way to spend a couple of days. Glad you guys are enjoying the good side of the emotional too. I hope there's some of that in the next installments. (fingers crossed!)