Thursday, July 22, 2010

my second foursome in two days

It's been a rather tough week for various reasons and perhaps because of that, I'm in another one of my "I've lost the sexy" stages. But, in spite of my temporary misplacing of the sexy, I did find my panties damp after reading C-Man's account of foursome number 2 on our weekend o' fun times.

I'm finding that now that it's been several days and I've stepped back into the "real world", that it feels like a dream. I wonder if it really happened at all. I know it did but its still surreal and bizarre and fucking great. And I want to do it again. I'm finding it quite interesting to read C-Man and M's account of how it all went down, what was going on in their heads, what they were feeling, thinking, wanting, hoping, nervous about. All of the psychology of this stuff is so intriguing to me.

The window makeout session C-Man describes? Hot as hell. It never occurred to me that I was flashing my ass cheeks to the entire street below. Hmmmm. Nice. And how about dude's ultra smooth move? He went all Rico Suave on me and I took the bait like a champ. I love love love love love that kissing, making out, groping through and under clothes stage. It's so primal and delicious and passion building. And doing it in a window of a hotel room with the very real possibility of being seen? Hizzot.

You know what the most awkward thing about it all was? Even though we knew what was going to happen, it was still so hard to "schedule" each play session. I mean, I didn't know what to say. "Hey guys, are y'all ready to fuck again? Meet me in my room in 10 minutes." It was just such an odd thing. I found it impossible to look C-Man and M in the face and just point blank say that. Which is just ridiculous considering what we were all doing together that weekend. And so we used that lovely invention, the text message to ease that particular awkwardness a bit.

I'm thinking I want to buy some corsets now....M's are so very pretty and sexy and feminine. It was such a sexy surprise to find that under her shirt. But yeah, I was having some trouble with all those damn hooks. Hah! Do you guys stress about how you're going to get a girl's bra off without looking like a dork? I kinda get that now.

C-Man's account of feeling a bit left out of the action at one point was interesting for me to read. And yeah, I did pick up on that, or at least that something was a bit off and so I asked him if he was ok. I didn't mean for him to feel left out at all. Being such a new thing it was kind of a play-it-by-ear situation and just happened that way for a few minutes. But lets set something straight, C-Man is very attractive to me, a total sexy package of a man who knows how to touch a woman, lick a woman, caress a woman. I am, was, will be, still am, interested babe! You rawk my sawks ya know.

Fucking him while being on top was so damn good. We seemed to fall into a quick hard frantic rhythm that worked. I will say, I am curious to experiment with him being more dominant towards me, as that is something I've been into trying for a while and I think/hope we'll get the chance to delve into that scene in the future. Finding someone who is into that, who you trust, are attracted to, etc. isn't the easiest thing to do, or at least hasn't been in my experience and I'm so new to it that I don't really even know where to begin. But he and I seem to be on the same page with it. so bring it on!

Um yeah, M and Mr. Man? What.The.Hell. She is the energizer bunny when it comes to sucking cock. Not that anyone was complaining! Watching them was pretty cool I have to say. More than cool. Smoking hot rather. It was so erotic to watch M make my husband cum. Over and over again I might add. Erotic. That's exactly the word to describe it. I couldn't get enough of watching his face while she pleasured him. It was fascinating. All of it was surreal but that particular aspect was especially so. I can't even explain the sensation properly.

One of my favorite things from the weekend? Entertaining C-Man's cock with my mouth and hands. There's just something about the power a woman has over a man while she has his dick in her mouth isn't there? I'll admit, I was super nervous about it at first. What if I didn't do it the way he liked it? I mean, I've seen M's mad skilz...sheesh. So I was quite pleased that he did like it, that I could make him feel good in that way. I know I keep using the word surreal, but being between another man's legs, looking up from that position into the eyes of someone who is not your husband to see how he reacts to what you're doing, watching another man cum from the pleasure you just gave him? Yeah, that was surreal for me. I have to add this as well...I don't think its a secret that I'm not a swallower. Its something I'm working on and would like to be able to do and enjoy but I'm just not there yet. I have a bitchin' gag reflex that I'm trying to conquer. C-Man and I had talked about this issue prior to our weekend 'o fun and he was SOOOOO perfectly polite and smooth and warned me before he came so I could handle it as I wished. I appreciated that immensely and he was such a gentleman about it.

And so, Round 2 was a hot sexy success. I feel quite lucky and happy that Mr. Man and my first experience together with another couple was so great. And I think Mr. Man and C-Man were feeling quite happy and lucky with the threesomes they each had with us sex-crazed girls the next night. Lucky bastards.



  1. I love that the weekend was so good to you guys. Just picturing the fun you all had certainly has inspired some dirty thoughts here.

    As for the bra thing, I am so relieved to hear that it isn't just guys who struggle sometimes with the clasps. You make me smile. And touch myself. In that order.

  2. Loved reading everyone's renditions of how the weekend played out. Such good storytellers, and SUCH a good story!

    And yes, lucky bastards, all of you! somehow I have to focus enough to get back to work!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic time by all accounts! I think I would relish the opportunity to get hung up on corset straps (wink!)...

  4. Bella, I am slowly getting over the jealous thing (ha), you mentioned not swallowing, swallowing is not a big deal, cuming in your mouth is the big deal. Besides I think feeling the mixture of saliva and cum running out and all over is extermely erotic, and better in many ways.

    you are so very hot to me, yum

  5. I love hearing about this from all 3 of your prospectives. Very sexy and intriuging.

  6. I remember the first time V and I had a weekend 4some with another couple, I had the same "did that really happen?" feeling for days afterwards.

    C-man is a lucky man :-)

  7. awwww.....your too good to me. I cant wait for next time.... C-Man

  8. You got that right Hubman, I am very lucky and I know it. I tell Bella and M every day. Two amazing women.

    And ive seen yours and V's blog, your pretty lucky yourself!

  9. Sounds like a glorious weekend, lucky girl!! :)